A Walkthrough for "If I Say I Love You"

A new version of "If I Say I Love You" will be coming out in the next couple days, which should mediate difficulty with more indicators of what is expected to solve each puzzle. Until then, I am providing a walk through of one possible route. A star will indicate there is only one answer in this version, although the next version will have multiple answers for any question.

Capitalization won't matter.

Question 1: "Hi" *

Question 2: "Okay"

Question 3: "Inversion" *

Question 4: "Pencils" modifies the next question. "Coffee" and "Flowers" will not.

Question 5: if you chose pencils, type "keep it". Otherwise, type "no". *

Question 6: "No" *

Question 7: "Sure"

Question 8: "Ok"

Question 9: "Cafe" and "Park" will provide different experiences.

Cafe 1: "Coffee", "Latte", or "Americano"

Cafe 2: Uncertainty will produce one response. Certainty will provide another.

Cafe 3: "Warm"

Cafe 4: "Ok" *

Park 1: "Beef and bean", "veggie", "beef", bean", or "chicken"

Park 2: Anything will work here.

Park 3: "Spicy"

Park 4: Ok*

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