Version 1.1 Released - Music, Parks, and Bug Fixes

If I Say I Love You has a 1.1 release, with new content!

Big changes:

  • The game now includes music
  • The "park" option is now an actual route, with unique dialogue
  • To go along with this change, the initially chosen date has a chance to fail. This is chosen randomly, with a one in five chance of failing. If your initial date does fail, you will be passed to the other date option
  • This brings the number of dialogue blocks from 202 to 294

Small changes:

  • Fixed bug in which choosing an option caused the game to crash
  • Edited the "About" page
  • Small changes to existing text
  • Removed some code intended for play testing

We hope you enjoy this new version!


IfISayILoveYou-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 34 MB
Apr 15, 2019 27 MB
Apr 15, 2019 45 MB
Apr 15, 2019

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