In this exciting verisimulator, take control of the tow truck dispatcher for the Desert Bus. Your job is simple: click the button when the light blinks. It can happen any time from 2 to 1000 seconds after you start. Five seconds after the alert goes off, you'll get a penalty. Three penalties and you're fired. (These reset when you have your legally mandated break.)

There are three modes.

Regular: 8 hours of total playtime, with two fifteen minute breaks

Intern: 5 minutes total playtime, with one 30 second break

Capitalist: 8 hours total playtime, no breaks

Hit the spacebar while playing for a fun surprise!

(By the way, I left in my developer codes. but I'm not telling you what they are.)

Edited to fix an error with crediting and make the sound button toggle.


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Hi, wildroseinteractive, my name is Dillatont. I made music for your Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam Game (Towing Manager) in November of 2022. I have a request. I am hoping to make a visual demo reel of my music. May I use footage from your game in my demo reel? If so, it would be appreciated. Cheers!